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Edelman’s “Intervene Now!”

I was browsing the interwebs this week and I found a PR Week article that struck me. The title of the article is “Pro bono PR increases awareness for Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation”. The article, found here, gives a brief overview of the campaign and what Edelman did.

The headline initially surprised me because I had no idea what the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation is/does! Obviously my first thought was the Auschwitz from the depths of my high school history books and general knowledge of the Holocaust. So I further researched and found out that the remaining buildings in the camp and the surrounding areas of Auschwitz have been turned into a museum.

The foundation wanted to promote the museum and the artwork and literature on display there from survivors. They used a lot of social media and even some remote donation pages on their website for anyone to donate money.

Usually I would just skim this over and note the success of the campaign for Edelman, but this week I have been feeling particularly sad for our culture and how we’ve placed a lot of emphasis on a certain overpaid, over-hyped actor than we are on our country’s and our world’s rich culture and history. I also feel that there has been so much hatred occurring around the world lately. People spewing anti-semetic comments, people abusing their power as “so-called” leaders, and amount of racism that still exists not only in the US but around the world.

Can’t we all just get along?


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  1. artur says:

    Im not sure how i feel about promoting a touchy historical topic such as the holocaust but i definitly see what your trying to say. Although America is a farely young country compared to the rest of the world there is plenty of history here. This post just makes me hope that PR can help change the world. We have the power and skills to sway the world(although many in the profession hate using the words sway and persuade)but we dont use it for the greater good. Like you said, its all about celebrities and other issues that have no genuine positive affect on our lives. Why arent we promoting the spread of world peace more, saving the environment, stopping violence and so on.

  2. To be honest, I’m not sure if I’ll live to see the world without racism, anti-semetic comments or leaders who abuse their power (I would love to). I think that we are so used to it all because it’s been going on for centuries. Just hearing about what’s going on Libya disturbs me. I think what Artur wrote was sweet though. Hopefully being in the PR field we can make some sort of difference even if it’s small. Any positive impact means something. I can totally understand why you feel sad for our culture. Some days I think there’s a little more hope and other days I feel like we’ve moved two steps back.

  3. Alyssa says:

    Great post Charlsie. I think most people who are familiar with PETA know their antics. Yes it was a bit insensitive but the point of awareness campaigns is to create awareness. Sometimes bad press is good because it gets people talking about the things you want them to talk about. So if PETA takes a hit as being insensitive I think to them it doesnt matter as long as people are aware of the harsh reality of animal cruelty.

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