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It Ain’t Where You’re From, It’s Where You’ve Been

Being an only child has allowed me to enjoy a lot of things my peers who had siblings did not. One apparent one was the ability to travel. I have been to a few countries in Europe, Canada, Puerto Rico, and to over half of the states in the US. It is always exciting to explore a new place and learn about a culture that is different from your own.

There are more than just Kodak moments to be had when you travel, you learn a lot about yourself and what you’re capable of at that particular time in your life. Certain trips are for sheer pleasure and others are strictly business but all  of the trips you can enjoy those moments when you can reflect on what’s to come or what was experienced. Sometimes traveling is necessary and a dreadful experience but those are the times you often learn the most about yourself.

Spring Break is generally a college student’s time to getaway, relax, and enjoy some “well-deserved” partying. I other the other hand found that it was the perfect opportunity to begin my job search. Not the most relaxing subject but an exciting one to say the least. I learned a lot in the three days I visited Los Angeles hoping to find some cracked door that I could work my way into. I found that most of those doors are bolted shut and you have to earn the key that will let you in.

This key might be a person, an opportunity, or just good timing; otherwise you might be stuck in a never-ending cycle of coffee meetings and interviews. Luckily- the caffeine induced hyperactive state can be focused into other money-making methods, i.e. retail or babysitting.

So what does traveling and job searching have in common? In my opinion you gain certain abilities and tricks when you travel, sometimes they change your everyday way of life or you stash the trick up your sleeve for just the right moment. Quick thinking and critical thinking aren’t things that can be taught they are something that one picks up, usually from an unsuspecting teacher.

So on one interview, I was told that it concerned her that I didn’t know the area. Well, at one time or another you don’t know an area, whether it is while traveling  for business or pleasure, moving away from home or visiting a friend in a neighboring town. I felt like this woman wasn’t giving me the benefit of the doubt, in her eyes it was black or white, I didn’t know Los Angeles and this would not be a good fit for her. That’s fine, and I may not know it well for two years but I know in the four days I was visiting, I got around just fine.


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  1. Sarah Facciolo says:

    Love this post and agree 100 percent!!! I wish that I took my opportunity to look for jobs during Spring break but I did not have time to. But it is true that the more you travel places the more you get a sense for your surrounds and really it is that key that gets you places. Its important to take time with every person you meet and make a connection with them somehow and maybe they will help you in the future. Also I think its all about being there at the right place at the right time!

  2. I think traveling helps a ton. You get to understand different cultures, actions and philosophies. If you you apply for a PR position in a location you’re not familiar with, it could hurt your chances because you wouldn’t know how to relate to that community as well.

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